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Thoughts on the past seven days: DC, SoCal, and Bay Area.

1. Reflections on D.C.

The capital wasn’t for me. The city felt small and compact with limited things to do. Yes, there were hundreds of events every day. But those events fit into three categories: happy hour (alcohol), conferences (hear influential people speak), and networking events (a combination of those two). Otherwise, nightlife was binge drinking. D.C. has the highest alcohol consumption rate per capita in the country. Not what I’m into.

I enjoyed the unpredictable weather and it was a nice change from overly-stable California. People were nice, but not as chill or down to earth as those in the Bay Area. Good analogy:

  • Orange County/LA County people : clothing and cars (materialism)
  • Washington D.C. people : job titles and career positions and college degrees (reputation)

I don’t like both. Weather was not great, but not bad.

It hasn’t even been 7 days since I’ve left, and it’s felt like a few months.

Got to see a homie my last night there though.


I don’t like my attitude sometimes, and she reminds me where I came from. Helps me be humble.


I’m convinced that east coast clouds are so much different than west coast clouds. You never see this in California.

2. Home for 15 hours.

I didn’t feel anything when I landed in LAX. I smiled and hugged and kissed my mom and dad when I saw them. I love them dearly and am happy they’ve stayed by my side all this time.

But, home isn’t exactly where my heart is right now. I was born and raised in Orange County and have exhausted all I need to know about southern California. Leaving the next day for the Bay Area to start work the subsequent day was something I wanted.


Last flight. In 24 hours, I had been to five airports. Goodbye L.A.

3. Berkeley.

When I saw the East Bay hills before our plane landed in Oakland, I let out a huge, involuntary sigh. I didn’t feel any happiness. I didn’t feel nostalgia. I didn’t want to be living in the Bay Area. Much like SoCal, I thought I had extracted all I needed from the place.

I’m currently living with two close friends who immediately offered their place to me. They’re great people.

4. Working in San Francisco.

I never thought I would be back here again. I thought my 20s was going to be spent on the east coast, if not in Asia. Who would have thought…

Commute is about 55 minutes. In this first week, I finally understood what it meant when people say, “College was the easiest part of life.”


Who would have thought I would work by Transamerica? Right next to my cousin, ten years later.

Worked 9.5 hours on Monday, 13 hours on Tuesday, 13 hours on Wednesday, 10.5 hours day on Thursday, and 9 hours Friday. I come home, eat, shower, and sleep. Last night (Friday) was the first time I touched my own laptop since moving here.

I really like my colleagues. My boss is very ambitious and pushes me to my limits. I feel very stressed and nervous as I have been dealing with our clients since day one. I’ve made plenty of mistakes.

This is all worth it. It really is. I’m learning a lot, and I love being proactive. My work ethics are completely different in the workplace versus the classroom – I will blog about this some time in the future.

5. Reflection as of now.

Never thought I’d say this, but wow MacBooks are very, very user friendly. The company gave me a MacBook Air for work, one of several pretty cool perks. Now that I’m typing on my own laptop and it feels so much more tedious.


Now that it’s a Saturday, and I was able to sleep in, and I have been sitting alone for two hours, man it feels good not having any human interaction.

Side note: I am ENFJ, but my E is a 55%. I’ve been very vocal about my disagreement of the results because I am quite introverted, but I suppose that explains the other 45%.

Yeah, I’m happy here. I love working. I love the young professional feeling. I like making a living. I feel everyday is add value for me.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!


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