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Dream retention (#31).

I remembered three dreams from tonight. Not fun.

First one: I was in a room with Judy’s boyfriend Jeff. He coerced me into eating a pecan-sized strand of marijuana. Despite my resistance, I submitted to the peer pressure. Both of us started hallucinating; I climbed into the nearby couch and tried to calm down but I thought I was going to die.

Second one: I was on a beachhead, like Normandy 1944. Except there were whales involved. And lots of soldiers bearing rifles. That’s all I remember from this one.

Third one: I was in a huge house with people invading. They tore through the front door and chased me, and I went into an underground tunnel. The underground section of the house looked like a hospital with white/light green walls everywhere.

Fourth one: I was playing Starcraft. Literally. I was Terran facing against Protoss in a 1 on 1 match. I was limited to three bases, one of which was mined out. I triple expanded but one failed. The other two bases I loaded up with MULEs. The Protoss sent his army to that base, but I intercepted and beat him and he left the game.

Analysis: No idea about why I dreamt of Jeff or marijuana. Yesterday I spent about an hour reading Dwight D. Eisenhower’s biography, so that may explain the WWII-like dream. My colleague from work had her house broken into yesterday, which may explain the third dream. I still watch Starcraft matches live once every while, which may explain the last dream.


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