Anderson Silva taught us a valuable lesson tonight.

Tonight, people around the world watched the Muhammad Ali, the Roy Jones Jr., the Mike Tyson fall from the top. We watched a man get debunked as immortal. We watched someone appear human.

I’ll be honest. I don’t know how much sleep I’ll get tonight. Seeing Anderson Silva get knocked out tonight was heartbreaking. All living legends must come to an end.

I’m sad and disappointed. I wish he didn’t lose. But I think it was a necessary decision for him and people around the world, for he taught us a valuable lesson tonight.

Be humble.

Anderson Silva wasn’t defeated by a better man in Chris Weidman. He was defeated by an equal: by himself. He defeated himself. Tonight we witnessed a legend, never close to being knocked out in a 15 year career, roll back his eyes due to his own negligence.

Be humble. When you receive praise, take it with humility. When you receive critical acclaim, do so knowing that you’re setting an example for others to follow. When you reach superstardom, remember those who helped you along the way.

Everyone undoubtedly knows who is the best mixed martial artist on the planet. Just as Ali, Tyson, and Jones shared their undisputed legacy across their generations, Silva will be unparalleled in ours. But we’ll remember that it was not his opponent, but Silva himself, that brought upon his own demise. Thank you for teaching us that lesson.

In the end, it at least makes me happier knowing that one man is more upset than I am: Dana White.

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