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A “waste of potential” (Letter #2).

Dear Ace Doe,

I sincerely hope you come across this message.

Do you remember Jenn? I told you about her since the day we met over four years ago. I had tried numerous times to get a threes company outing for us, which unfortunately never occurred. You’ll never meet her now.

When we met up three weeks ago, she described her relationship with a former best friend in the best quote I’ve heard all year. “Where you want to stay is not where I want to be.” 

I still think about what you’re doing from time to time. You often come up as a byproduct in my conversations of the “Night of Terror,” or my waiter days at the Korean BBQ restaurant. Sadly, when folks ask me whether I still keep in touch with you, I respond in the negative. Because where you want to stay is not where I want to be.

You have good qualities. You put in hard work when you are passionate. You’re like-able. You are tall and noticeable, and good looking too. And you’re charismatic. So much potential.

Now, I’ll echo my dad who thinks that you are a “waste of potential.” You’re currently on the seven year plan at the community college system. You’re still doing the same things you were five years ago, when we became such good friends.

If you were truly content and happy, which is what I feel warrants complete respect, then I need not say another word as you have achieved all your wants in life. Except over and over again you told me how unhappy you were.

Only so much blame can go towards others. Like the company who didn’t hire you. Or your father who wouldn’t buy you the new Camaro. Or the restaurant business not working out. These things happen… to everyone. Failures are often and continual. Instead of picking yourself back up, however, you let those setbacks consume you.

Those you mentored, those you took under your wing, those who you transformed have now surpassed you. Your ex-girlfriend has graduated college and is employed. Your other friends have also progressed within their means. What about you?

Captain Graham suggested never dispensing advice unless the ears voluntarily approach the voice. I think he’s right. Therefore, you’ll never hear of me again unless you call. Only then will I tell you what you need to hear, no holds barred.


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