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Newbie mistake to avoid in DC (Post #9).

In the middle of work today, I was asked to join in a meeting at another office.

Boring logistics.

The organization I’m working with is a private partner of the Department of State. We oversee almost 100 smaller organizations throughout the US to make sure they carry out qualitative and appropriate programs for foreign leaders. Think Fulbright Scholars, except short term.

In this meeting, the Executive Directors of various associate members flew in from all over the country. They each gave a pitch on why their resources and manpower should be utilized more, and explained the benefits of mutual partnership. Advocacy work, straight to business (after initial icebreakers). I along with the other intern joined in to listen and find out more about our affiliate members.

My colleague introduced me as a recent Berkeley grad. Well what do you know, we had another fellow Cal alum AND a Stanford alum in the round table.

After the meeting was over, business cards were exchanged… but I only brought three and ran out. Like a clueless newbie. It felt awkward being handed a business card with nothing to give in return. And I’m still adjusting to professional life.

Newbie mistake to avoid in DC: always carry [enough] business cards on you.


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