Tracey, met.

I went shopping at Safeway a few days ago. At the checkout line, before it was my turn, the cashier suddenly asked for my Safeway card. I was confused and had her repeat it two more times before I understood her motives.

The family of three in front of me did not know how to speak English. They were Korean and were obviously unaware of how to save money. The cashier, named Tracey, was trying to help them.

I went grocery shopping at Safeway today and found her again. I said hi to her and she remembered me! And… before you know it, I helped two more people in line save on some cash. Despite the apprehension her coworker was displayed, who suggested that she’ll get audited because she didn’t have my express permission, she was energetic and said that it’s just a phone number. I then vocalized, “I give you permission to use my Safeway card” to silence him.

Tracey was very enthusiastic and I’m really happy people like her exist. I’m looking forward to seeing her once every week or two.

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