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DC: daily weekday life here is strange anywhere else (#7)

Work was long today. Left the office at 4:10pm and headed to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) again to co-host a conference. The event was in full attendance and we finally ended at 7pm.

Were this to have been in San Francisco, I feel like the speaker(s) would be professors and professionals, while those in attendance would be young scholars, college students, and general audience members.

Instead, the speaker was indeed a professional, but the audience comprised of a professor from American University, another from UCLA, and many business owners and managers and leaders across various industries. And this is completely normal in DC, which I feel would be abnormal anywhere else.

As soon as I got back to the apartment at 7:30pm, my roommates were all about to leave to go to a Cal alumni happy hour event. Despite being starved, they dragged me along and I nibbled at a protein shake on the way.

Going out was worth it. Met a lot of cool folks who were happy to share their experiences and contact information with me and the other folks. We were at an outside bar next to the Potomac River. The place was called Sequioa, a beautiful place.

Got back and ran to the gym… and arrived three minutes before they closed. I had forgotten that the gym closes at 11:00pm rather than 1:00am. Instead, I ran around for a while to get the daily fix of exercise. No getting swole today.

I’m still (unsurprisingly) getting insufficient sleep and have been struggling to stay awake at work, so I should go now. 12:27am.

Good night. Also, I still like it here. A lot.


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