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DC: week two begins (#5).

Played Taboo and made a fool of myself with some Berkeley folks on Sunday night. Went to sleep later than planned, which has become the norm since I’ve arrived in DC.

On Monday, I wasn’t as happy with work as I was last week. Research is hard. As you all know, 90% of data is thrown out, yet data gathering is currently slow and dense and I have no formal program for analyses. Didn’t feel as productive, but you win some days and lose others.

In brighter news, we had an MBA come in and will be working with us three days a week to develop and initiate some for-profit business models. I’ll be excited to work with him on whatever projects he’ll offer me.

Went to a happy hour event with friends at bar called the Mighty Pit. Monday nights are always trivia night where teams of <7 compete to get the most points in random trivia such as human glands, music artists and song titles, weapons in video games, geography, etc. Interns Rule (originally The Interns before someone in our group took it a step further…) fared in the middle average of the 15 competing teams.

Woke up Tuesday morning to run about five miles with a couple friends. Going to try to make this a weekly habit, on top of exercising in the afternoons.

Work today was more interesting. I went to a Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) event to hear the Under Secretary of State of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Tara Sonenshine speak about the relevance of public diplomacy. CSIS is amongst the top think tanks in DC and their building reflected it. The discussion was decent and I mustered up some courage to ask a well-thought (no joke) question and spoke briefly to her afterward.

I then compiled the notes I took and drafted it into a memo to debrief my two supervisors; I will be presenting the same information and will propose potential relevant projects at tomorrow’s weekly meeting.

It’s 5:00pm now, as I spent the last 8.5 minutes frantically typing this up to not be over-utilizing work time on updating you.

See you all next time.

P.S. No smart phone as of yet. Galaxy S3 refurbished still out of stock – not willing to spend the full price and am waiting to get it for practically nothing. Also no web cam yet.

Also, the thunderstorms have commenced. I might die.


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