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Before jaded, comes dreams and ideals (DC #3).

The president of our organization has been in the international relations and foreign exchange field for over twenty years. She told me she has not yet become jaded with DC, bureaucrats, politics, and the tough business world.

I hope that’s me. My dreams and ideals have resurfaced this week.

Today I spent more time talking more in-depth with my supervisor about the research I am conducting. Our organization is structured in an unconventional matrix, and we have to abide by certain Department of State regulations while also appealing to the board of directors’ goals. Long story short (long, convoluted, detail-oriented): we are going through a transition of mission statements and are expanding towards a larger scope.

But before I get too excited talking about the research, I have to dispense the reality of office life: administrative work. I learned how to mail merge to mass-produce hundreds of thank-you letters to our affiliate members who have paid their annual dues. I had to learn how to use the jam-loving postage machine that automatically seals and stamps envelopes. And I had to call our donors and other persons of interest for logistics.

That, surprisingly, only takes up marginal time. The rest of the time was spent on a long term projects. The other intern and I are working with the communications manager and program associate on website content and improving audience outreach. There are plans to integrate myself into a fundraising initiative, where I hope to utilize and surpass my experiences from Cal Lightweight Crew. I will soon be part of the next round of grant proposals towards potential sponsors.

Lastly, I spent an hour speaking to the president about the research my supervisor had me do. She then told me in greater detail what resources were available to me, what I would be analyzing from data mining, and what was the purpose of such a project.

Similar to the goosebumps and the blood-rush I felt from the first general meeting for rowing, I felt the surge of excitement throughout our conversation. The president has her passion, energy, and experience to keep her dreams alive. Let’s pass that baton onto me.

Let’s keep those dreams and ideals alive.

P.S. It’s Friday. I haven’t seen any part of DC besides the workplace, the gym, the apartment complex, and everything in between. It’s time to explore this weekend. LET’S DO IT.


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