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DC: errands and working (#2).

Day 2 and 3 in DC.

Second day of work was better than the first.

Was more productive with a little less down time and got introduced to some specific long-term projects that staff members are working on.

– Was introduced to Salesforce and had to do work on Excel.

– Called associated members to have them update their info for our annual directory/publication.

Afterward, I negotiated my way to a gym membership with a reasonable initiation fee and great monthly dues. It’s 0.5 miles away from the apartment complex.

Showed two of my roommates how to cook a simple meal and ate dinner. Didn’t sleep well again.

Went back to the gym in the evening to work out. Met a fellow Cal alum – we were both wearing Berkeley tanks. Made a new friend!

Third day was work was even better than the second.

– Used some Visual Basic coding (computer science lingo) to help a staff member with a Excel spreadsheet for our associated members. Did a lot of research on Google to find out how to do it, but an answer is an answer (thank you Google).

– Had a team meeting in which we discussed our long term goals, short- and long-term projects, project assignments, software and tech transitions, and other logistics. Very informative and productive.

– Mail merging thank you letters to our members who have paid their annual dues. Called our biggest supporters to invite them to a private event next week. Edited our mission statement to appeal to a larger, more-informed audience.

– Made and printed my business card during down time. It was fun making it from scratch from Adobe InDesign, which I learned from scratch.

– Skipped lunch because I was pretty excited to be productive… plus I forgot to bring my sandwich to work.

The rest of the day involved going to the gym, socializing with roommates, and hanging out with some folks who invited us downstairs to some brownies.

Haven’t had the time to take pictures. Will do so starting [probably] this weekend.

Going to sleep now. First time before midnight. Let’s hope I catch up on sleep. Haven’t been getting enough.


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