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DC: Am I Going to Die?

Day 4 in DC.

I left California weather for… a change. But before we get to that, let’s talk about work.

Did research and compiled the information into a database for my supervisor. Still finding more information as we speak, and probably have a long way to go.

We will probably go over this with the organization’s president, but I will let her know my analysis/judgment with the information when presented with the opportunity. Today was definitely the most excited I’ve been at work this week.

Now, for the weather report.

One minute before I entered my work building, the sky went from slightly visible to complete pitch black. Think of the movie scene in Independence Day when the alien spaceships hover over Manhattan; that’s how fast it got dark.

One minute after I reached my office, it poured hard. I’m on the 8th floor of the office building and could see rain coming down from all different directions.

By noon, the sun was out.

And now, 12 minutes before 5:00pm, the weather has gone crazy on us again. There are tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, and something that my colleagues are calling a “derecho.” What the hell is that? We don’t get that in California. We get burritos and tacos (bad joke).

I have to walk 0.5 miles back to my apartment complex after this. My umbrella will not save me. I will be soaked.

Will I survive another day?


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