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DC: First Day (#1).

11:00pm here. Sleeping soon, really tired. Informal post than the norm with lots of fragments to summarize the past 36 hours.

Flew out of LAX at 9:20am. Arrived at Washington Airport (IAD) at 5:15pm. Took the super shuttle and arrived at the apartment complex at 7:30pm. The place is called the University of California Washington Center, located near Scott Circle.

Went grocery shopping after I checked in at Trader Joes; roommates bought stuff for the apartment for me. Came home, unpacked and settled in, and was done at 12:00am. Ironed some dress shirts and tucked into bed by 1:30am, but slept poorly.

Woke up at 7:00am, made breakfast and lunch (to eat at the office), got ready for work, and walked 0.5 miles to the office by 8:45am. It’s located in Downtown on K street, really close to the White House.

Work was interesting and fun, but also tiring. Only nine people in the entire organization called National Council for International Visitors (NCIV). It is a department within the Department of State. I had individual meetings with seven of the staff members today, the remaining two tomorrow. Learned more about each individual’s role within the organization, as well as how I can and will assist them in the short- and long-term projects.

I have my own office. Work is from ~9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday. I could arrive up to an early earlier and leave one hour later than the scheduled times. There is one other intern; she is also a recent graduate.

Got some errands done after school. Went to the housing orientation telling us the rules and logistics of our summer stay. Found a gym afterward and worked out – free of charge with my bargaining skills. I will be purchasing a gym membership with that gym within 48 hours, lest I negotiate lower rates with other gyms.

DC weather is like Taiwan’s younger sibling. Humid, rainy in the summer. Rained the past two days. Sweating within minutes while outside. All air conditioning indoors. But not as bad as Taiwan. Not even close… so far.

Very different here. Agree with people when they say California is more “chill.” More straight to business here, less laughing and joking and home-y. Welcome to the east coast. Welcome to DC.


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