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Dream retention (#29).

I had a dream that I was on a mountain highway with some friends. We were driving down the mountain and suddenly entered heavy fog. We almost go into a multi-vehicle accident amidst many police cruisers. They arrested all of us.

We were all dragged out, thrown onto the asphalt, and handcuffed. Their handcuffs looked more like torture devices from Saw, and our feet were all bound together with red knitting strings. Crispin was the only exception, as he sat in the front seat with only bound hands.

While we were driving down, we saw a short runaway train on a 18-wheeler (how that works, I don’t know). It headed towards the water, and I asked if it was a submarine. While I said that, the four-car train plummeted off the cliff and dove perfectly into the water like an Olympic swimmer. “It was a submarine.” Someone pointed out.

Friday mid-morning dreams, post morning practice…


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