Melanie and Will, met.

“I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.”

Today, I went grocery shopping at Safeway. I went to the bus stop and there were only two other people there. I asked them when the 51B would arrive, in which the the male replied, “18 minutes.”

The female and I groaned, and assuming that the two young adults were students, I proposed that the three of us walk back to our apartments. I asked the guy if he would want to put his grocery bag on top of my roller-cart thing, while the girl wasn’t carrying much groceries in her backpack. They obliged and we went on our way.

I’m glad we walked, for we had a great conversation!

Inconsistent AC Transit bus times, making people bond since 1960!

Will is 24 years old and is a first year student at Boalt Law School. He was born in Virginia and has lived in many places, including Lousiana and Ohio. He went to college in Alabama and studied political science, worked for a couple years in Teach for America, and is now pursuing his J.D. in corporate litigation.

Melanie, like me, is a graduating senior who is studying biology. She intends to be a physician’s assistant (PA) and is currently working in an optometry clinic. After graduation, she will return to her hometown Santa Barbara and work for a few years before returning to school for her master’s degree.

The three of us live relatively close together on south side and I hope to see them around again!

Melanie and Will have been met, but I wonder… how many people have I looked at all my life and never seen?

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