Sunday morning reflections.

I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine and couldn’t help but want to share what I told her.


These past three Sundays have been a bit strange for me, in the utmost positive way. Sundays are usually the lay-low, recovery, studying days, I wake up without urgent plans or deadlines in mind. I believe this allows me to wake up feeling sentimental and reflect on what has occurred throughout the past week, month, or year. I’m glad my life pans out this way, as these moments of reflection have been really valuable.

A friend of mine said that he thinks that most human beings have an inherent good in them that wishes to help others. For that reason, he devotes himself to public service not in the name of prestige or self-righteousness, but by fulfilling his duty as a living person. I believe him.

In my Chinese blog post written last week, I talked about magnifying the small, albeit good things that occurred to me in a single day. I wanted to extend that gratitude towards the macro scope of things.

Susan and Mom.

Here I am, editing the video footage of the summer Catalina sailing trip and getting all emotional and shit. Man, I’m such a lucky dude. I have such supportive friends and family. I have such great mentors providing me with unconditional support. I live because of them. I’ve been able to live because of them. I want to live because of them. In them resides my loyalty.

Captain Graham, Crispin, and dad.

When it comes down to it, that is where my loyalty lies. Those are the people I will offer reciprocity. The ones where I will keep around til death. My motivational factors. My reasons to stand; walk; persevere.

In moment’s time, homies. Trust my memory capacity. I never forget.

Yo, thanks guys. Thanks for everything.

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