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Delta Kilo, I hope you grow (#1).

I’ve been lacking motivation to write blog entries this winter break back in SoCal. But thanks to a friend who just left my house, I’m ready to start a new series that’s been on my mind for months.

There are so many people who have shaped me into the person I am today. They were very important people to me at one point of my life. But as time goes on, and I hate to say this, I find myself distancing myself from them. These people, who have taught me so much, are still the same years later. I tend to surround myself with people who actively better themselves; who I could learn from.

Names will be kept anonymous. This series will be labeled “I hope you grow.” 

Delta Kilo (DK),

You just left my house. I’m glad you reached out to visit me, as I’ve been thinking about contacting you over the past few days.

First off, I want to tell you how you’ve made an impact on my life.

You made the first three years of my high school. You introduced me to your bubble, and your closest group of friends became mine. It sucks that you guys were all a year older, as my senior year was definitely not as fun as the first three years with you.

You introduced me to a love and appreciation for acting in videos. 15-20 takes to get the perfect one. Method acting. All the props and sets we shot at. Those were the days. I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss acting.

You introduced me to boxing. It’s a discipline that’s stuck with me even til today. The small square empty rooms. The garages. The outdoors. The blood and sweat.

I started bowling because of you. It resulted in four games every week for 1.5 years in high school. It’s still a hobby I love today.

Yo I could go on a lot longer about how you’ve impacted my high school days man. But you see, that’s the problem. You’re still the same exact guy from six years ago.

I hope you read this. And I hope you grow.

I was disappointed when you called me in the middle of the semester, asking me for advice. You messed up your college applications to transfer, and you didn’t apply as a result. Com’n, you’re smarter than that.

You said it yourself. You’re pissed at yourself. You know you could do better. But you just keep limiting yourself. You said it yourself tonight. You find excuses to not engage in things you could succeed in.

Where’s the DK I knew in high school? Where’s the enthusiasm and passion you had with the things you loved? Find it man. Use it to better yourself. You have it in you.

Every time I talk to you, I yearn for good news. A part of me wishes to hear of how you’re getting your own place. Of how you’re transferring. Or getting a better job. Or how you’ve picked up a new hobby. Or you’re traveling somewhere. Learning something new. Anything. Not of the same old elementary gossip. Or the negligent outlook. Or reckless spending. Or of indecisiveness.

You have it in you man. I hope you grow.


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