10,000 Pesos: you didn’t have to.

Hi Fernando,

It’s 1:13am and I am exhausted, but I had a sudden urge to write a message to you. I doubt you’ll ever come across this nor understand its meaning unless someone puts forth the effort to translate it for you, but whatever.

I received the 10,000 Pesos bill you sent me a few days ago from Susanna. She informed me that you had beckoned her to give it to me and that you wanted me to have it. I wasn’t given an explanation behind your motivation, and I’m sure my reaction appeared rather bewildered.

I wanted to tell you that you didn’t have to. I’m touched by the bond you feel we have due to our connection to Susanna, but you really didn’t have to. I even feel a little guilty, considering it is much more functional for you to use the bill than it is for me. And compared to you, I’m a spoiled California kid who spends money effortlessly.

Yo, it’s a shame man. It’s a shame that I’ll probably never meet you. It’s a shame that I was never drawn to the Spanish language, else we could at least communicate through electronic medium. It’s a shame that I only hear about you through word of mouth. Yo, it’s unfair that I could never shake the hand of the one person who changed my best friend’s world.

But I’m telling ya, you didn’t have to. I’m just a normal dude, ain’t worth giving me such a symbolic token. 老實說,我最近一直覺得我越來越自私。你給我這個禮物我根本不值得。啊,很希望能跟你講我的事情,可是沒用吧。

Somewhere in my room, I have a drawer full of things everyone has ever given me. It’s quite large and is filled with mostly letters, pictures, and small trinkets. Your bill will be amongst them from now on. If I ever visit Chile in the visit, I’ll make some sort of reciprocation towards ya.

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