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Dream retention (#28).

I had a dream that I visited the east coast, particularly Harvard and the NSA HQ.

I first went to Harvard’s campus with some people in crew and I wore Cal gear. A bunch of preppy guys walked by me and one of them flipped me off, and I yelled “GO BEARS” at him.

Did not look anything like the actual campus. Looked more like a rest area on the freeway.

Then I was in a shopping complex in Maryland visiting a relative of mine. She was working for the government and had top secret clearance. She was giving me a tour of the NSA Headquarters… which was inside the mall. We took an elevator to the 3rd floor by pressing the underground level two button.

This is obviously a shopping complex.

When we walked out, everyone was in military or police battle dress uniforms. I was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to get me in on a guest clearance. She kept reassuring me that “it should be fine.”

We spent 30 minutes trying to find her friend’s locker to put my backpack in and locking it, only to find that there were no locks. Upon hearing that no weapons were allowed, I had to go back and put my army knife in as well. My relative asked me why I brought a knife, and I told her it was safety precautions for being in Berkeley streets at night.

We then went into a ballroom and sat down in the very back of seated bleachers. Chief Justices and congressmen and all these other important figures appeared, including Obama and his wife. They met and hugged in the center podium, and Obama joked, “This would have been a perfect picture for the press, what a shame.”

They went on to talk about stuff in a humorous manner and I ended up thinking that politics from the inside was so much different than their portrayal to the public.

Analysis: I’m visiting Boston and DC this spring. 


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