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Dream retention (#27).

I had a strange dream that was purely related to UC Berkeley.

I was attending Robert Reich’s class on Global Wealth and Poverty. The classroom was in Le Conte’s lecture hall, and we were watching a movie for lecture.

I had brought a pink blanket to class. Robert Reich was sitting one seat below me also watching the documentary. A girl sat down next to me and immediately stole half the blanket, telling me that she was cold.

When the movie started, that girl was in the movie. I deduced that this was a documentary or something in which she was interviewed, but I was nonetheless attracted to her as a result. We were suddenly holding hands.

She left 30 minutes into class, and I asked for her number. She paused and wouldn’t give me a straight answer. She said that she would give me her number, but she had got caught for cheating on an exam. She said “I benefited from the cheating” which implied she was the one who got caught looking at answers.

As a result, she was using a cell phone shared with her two sisters. And she told me her number leaving out three numbers. Robert Reich then turned around, revealed himself to be George Chang, and said “You know, that’s not the best way to give a guy your number. He’ll probably never talk to you again. You’re doing it wrong.”

He read my mind. I thought she was bat-shit crazy and didn’t plan on ever talking to her again. After the girl left, half the class also left – anxious to get out of class. When we got out, the building we left appeared to be a Parthenon style building like Wheeler.

The far side of the building started exploding. There was a fire going on, and bombs were going off. I took pictures with my camera and zoomed in with it to get a better view of what was going on. There was just a lot of fire.

We walked onto an open field that looked like Memorial Glade.

Analysis: Might be missing Berkeley a bit – home for the holidays. I’m currently waitlisted in Wealth and Poverty. I currently have a class in Le Conte. No idea what the blanket was about, but “I just wanna cuddle dude.” I have a knack for finding crazies. I ordered a GoPro camera which may explain why I was taking pictures. We get bomb threats every semester in school.


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