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Dream retention (#26).

I had two unpleasant dreams I remember. I’ll be writing a lot less formally than usual because my mind is wandering everywhere.

[This is great. One more dream came back to me as I started this post (currently 9:15am). This one occurred and ended at, from what I remember, 1:18am. So that makes three dreams.]

In the first dream, I was driving up to Berkeley from LA. Only, the terrain wasn’t the same as the boring golden fields in central California. Also, instead of starting my 399 mile drive (this is accurate) from Orange County, I started from Ventura County which made it 300 miles (in the dream). In addition to going through ridiculous freeway interchanges, we went through Wild West towns. I got to see my progress from an aerial, bird-like view as well, and I also saw farms.

Suddenly, I was in the middle of a plantation, and we weren’t in California anymore. It looked more like Colorado or Arizona with the types of brown/dark orange mountains surrounding us. We were trying to get back to our car, but I don’t remember anything else.

[Never mind, I just remembered some more.] There was a plane involved. We were struggling to either get off an airplane. Cargo wasn’t separated from passengers; both shared the same space. When we got off, it was in an empty airfield only filled with lots of luggage/supplies. This dream jumped around everywhere and I am very confused. I’m also afraid to write more details because I feel it could be part of another series of dreams I had weeks ago, in which I just now remembered.

In my second dream, I was in my aunt’s neighborhood. My cousin was involved, as with his Infiniti G35 which he had sold years ago. Policemen were involved as well. My aunt lives in a community called Coyote Hills and it contains a lot of uncleared desert. My former friend and I were immersed in that setting.

I don’t remember too much, but there were a ton of problems that my former friend and I somehow escaped. While walking out of the neighborhood, he wanted to celebrate by smoking weed. I told him that I don’t smoke and didn’t want to smoke, but he pressured me into it. Neither of us felt high and we expressed that feeling, and I then yelled at him nonstop for ruining my future.

[Just remembered more details from a dream. Don’t know if its a separate dream altogether or part of the first one involving the freeway scene, so I’ll write it by itself.]

In my third dream, I was on an extremely wide highway that must had at least two dozen lanes. We were driving down an incline of at least 15 degrees, as we can see our destination: a huge tunnel. Inside the tunnel were a lot of underground racers with heavily modified cars. My view then transformed from a first person perspective to a third person perspective. It then became something like Mario Kart, and I was playing the game while watching the TV screen. [Seriously]

In my fourth dream [the one that caused me to write this blog post immediately upon waking up], I was royally screwed for an economics midterm exam. While everyone was taking the exam in classroom tables, I was taking mine on my bed (in the classroom), leaning against the wall. I had no idea what any of the questions were asking, so I brought out my notebook filled with notes and used it like a clipboard for my midterm.

Even with the professor actively scanning for cheaters, I opened the notebook and kept glancing at my notes, pretending that it was just being used as a support for my paper. She then said that 15 minutes remained, as it was 9:45am in the dream [and 9:40am now], so I panicked, put the notebook on an adjacent desk, and full on looked back and forth for the answers.

I was immediately caught. She took my notebook and my midterm and told me something about legal hearings as well as two chances to do something, a chance to appeal. I wasn’t really listening. I was just depressed and saying goodbye to my future.

Then I woke up, realized that it was a dream [I seriously panicked] and here I am now, writing this blog post at 9:42am while my paper is due in 4 hours 18 minutes and my midterm is in 5 hours 48 minutes.

Time to work.


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