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A high point in my life.

This is just a general introduction of what I’ll be writing over the next several posts.

Those who I’ve been out of touch with have asked, “How have you been?” Those who see me on the daily ask, “How are you?” Instead of responding with the typical good/great/bad, I’ve been saying almost word-for-word, “Great. I think I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. This is a good time in my life.”

I can’t pinpoint it to a single entity. I still don’t know why I feel this “high” every day. At first, I thought the source was from the start of a new academic year and the changes that came along with it. Two months later, I’m still feeling the same high.

I love my apartment. I love that I found it with great luck and timing, as it was the sixth or seventh one I scouted. I get along very well with my managers and landlady, who all prefer speaking Mandarin. I keep the apartment clean and tidy and love take pride in doing so.

I love my roommate. Jason is a close friend and great roommate, and we get along almost perfectly. I love how his parents often come to visit him and they put much effort into getting to know me. The apartment definitely feels a lot emptier when he’s missing.

I love cooking. With the exception of crossroads and getting treated out, I’ve eaten out less than ten times this entire school year. I buy and cook all my groceries. I love hosting and making people food, and I love how I’m in almost complete control of my diet.

I love the social events I’ve been attending. I love that I’m spending <1 hour a week playing games on the computer. I love how I’m meeting so many seemingly genuine people in various communities I’ve been exposed to.

I love crew. I wake up at 4:20am Monday-Friday for morning practice which lasts from 5-7:30am. On Saturdays, I wake up at 5am for practice lasting 5:40-9:30am. I’ve never missed a single practice and love being in the water. I feel like family with virtually the entire team, and we had our first race yesterday (10/27/12). I love learning and perfectly the techniques of rowing, improving my times, and working suffering and growing with my teammates.

I love applying for internships and jobs. It scares me that I’ll be out of school a year from now, but I love reflecting on my skills and attributes and persuading others of my capabilities. I love the call backs and interviews I’ve received, grow past the e-mails suggesting I find work elsewhere, and yearn for the day I’m fully employed.

I’m at a high point in my life right now. Despite receiving the worst grades in about five years (which I’m hoping to change), I still feel like I’m on top of the world. Like a jump rope. Like a roller coaster. Life’s got its ups and downs. I’m currently on the up.


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