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Understanding and maximizing your double-edged sword.

My dear child(ren),

Your grandmother told me, many years ago while I was still in college, that one of my traits is a double-edged sword.

She said that, “要是你很想做什麼事情,你都太努力了,太盡全力了。有時候會忘了保重身體.” When your mind is dead set on something, you become overly ambitious. Sometimes, at the expense of your own health.“

She added, “這既然不算是壞處,只是要知道什麼時候要休息。身體是最重要的. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. You just need to know when to take it easy. Your health  comes first.”

Your grandmother is absolutely right, and there’s a chance that you’ll inherit this trait from me. You’ll hopefully inherit some of her patience (and other positive traits) to complement any insurmountable goals you set for yourself. As much as I would love to say otherwise, I don’t always behave rationally. I go after what I want and often tunnel vision the opportunity costs.

Fall semester of my senior year at UC Berkeley has been tremendously rewarding. There is no criteria for quantifying happiness, so I’ll just say that I’ve been incomparably happy this school year. However, it’s been at the expense of straining my body to its limitations. I don’t plan on stopping, and I hope that my health will keep up with my goals.

Kids, I’m not telling you what to do, what not to do. I just want you to draw the fine line of the limitations of passion. You see, I care about my health, yet have been making sacrifices for the rewards. These rewards, I’ve found have been extremely worthwhile. In the meantime, I’ve been largely ignoring my body’s responses (which have been few, but nonetheless vocal), knowing that there are risks involved with continuing my daily routines.

So I’ll let you decide for yourself. Suppose you’ve inherited this double-edged sword of mine, I’ll hope that you’ve also inherited other genes to counterbalance it. But if not, I hope you’ll find the Pareto Optimal of both personal health and achieving your goals.


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