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I never thanked you, Eta.

Thank you, Eta.

Correlation does not imply causation, so there’s no way we’ll ever know if my words hold any truth. But I thank you regardless, Eta. You see, I believe, in that short amount of time, you played an important role in shaping my life.

I was all talk. I had this naive backbone called “a false sense of security” and exclaimed that things will work out on their own.

I was content. I was okay with strolling within my comfort zone. Exploration was voluntary, an unnecessary token of life.

And then you challenged me.

You challenged my priors. You called me out on my jargon, my psychobabble, my rhetoric. You caused me to lose sleep for an entire night. You caused me to feel the utmost unease for an entire week. You angered me to the point of near-hyperventilation and rage. You caused me to transcribe my very own ego to the brim. To the core.

Correlation does not imply causation, but I thank you, Eta. Thank you, because I accepted your challenge.

You see, I started writing on Tumblr because of you. That first post is you. I’ve consistently maintained this blog for almost three years, have a humble viewership, and will present this to my kids one day.

I may not have become a Polynesian dancer if it wasn’t for you. To have performed a hundred times in front of crowds of all ages. At retirement homes, at country clubs, at churches, for corporations and non-profits, at special needs centers, from middle schools to renowned graduate schools, in the backyard of the ghettos and of mansions, in performing centers in front of a couple thousand in attendance. To have become an integral member of the studio.

I may not have gone to Mexico if it wasn’t for you. I may not have met the person who has drastically changed my worldviews. Who has given me the opportunity to experience unprecedented adventures. Who has become my role model, confidant, and father figure. Who is the reason why I will own a sailboat one day.

Things didn’t stop there in that summer. You see, I’d become addicted to adventure. I’d enjoyed the relapse between curiosity and comfort.

Hobbies became a profession, and I tutored college students in writing. Interests became goals, and I interned for a congresswoman. Dreams became realities, and I got accepted into every school I applied to.

I’m still dreaming today. I’ve got an entire social base supporting my dreams, and they’re going to become realities. I’m graduating from a school I never thought I’d attend. I’m taking classes I never would have ever imagined taking. I’m applying for internships and jobs that I never thought would be a appropriate for me.

Once again, correlation does not imply causation, but I thank you for challenging me to do all of this.

1. The departure. You left for a permanent vacation…

2. The ocean. I threw myself in adventure thereafter…

3. The ongoing adventures. Collecting the seashells, exploring the pirate ships.

4. The autobiography. Share them with worthy friends and family.

Thanks, Eta.


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