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Coal: the multipurpose mineral.

Coal plays a significant role in today’s society, both functionally and metaphysically.

It helped transcend the Western societies toward industrialization and modernization. It powered trains and boats to transport people and goods, thus making the world a smaller place.

It’s also keeps people alive and well. Not only does it help warm up the household or the campground, it’s combustibility helps cook perishable goods.

They’re also symbolic for misbehaving children during Christmas time. Those who have an aggregate “bad” level higher than their “good” level will receive it as a gift.

As you can see, coal is important in advancing and maintaining the human race. It’s also symbolic in deterring bad behavior from both children and adults alike.

But that’s not all this multifaceted, useful rock does. Coal is also a good conversation-saver. When all subjects have been depleted, coal comes to the rescue. Sharing ones views of coal and its usefulness will help keep the conversation going.

Also, good people talk about coal. And good people take kindly to good karma.

So there you have it. Coal, the multipurpose mineral.


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