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Dream retention (#22).

I had an extremely weird, long lasting nightmare this morning that I remember in much detail.

There was a revolutionary war that I was participating in. We had just won. I was on top of a bell tower with a military leader who looks exactly like Captain Adama from Battlestar Galactica. In order for the revolution to be complete, we needed to throw two symbolic statues off the bell tower. We did that, and the two statues shattered into a million pieces.

The bell tower looked like this, but taller.

Time then rewinded and we were in the same scenario. This time, one of the statues didn’t break. Adama was so furious at me that he said I was to be thrown off with the second statue (which was miraculously transported back up). My weight atop the statue would help shatter it. He did just that, but me being the sacrificial lamb didn’t die.

The intimidating captain.

He then sent troops after me to finish the job. I first ran into the woods, as the bell tower was located in a grassy hill. I remember something about a large river in which I swam through, as well as a beachhead that I reached.

Eventually, I reached a swimming pool deck and entered the locker rooms. I figured that they wouldn’t find me in there. I ducked through the rooms one by one and found nobody but one lone swimmer in a speedo. After ducking through him, I entered the lobby area and met a fictional professor of mine. The professor’s last name started with a K. He beckoned me to sit down.

I was about to tell him what I had been through, but he stopped me and said, “As your professor, is this something you would want to tell me?” I thought for a moment and told him anyhow. I then realized that I had missed a few days worth of classes after having been on the run. While talking to him, I ran a series of calculations in my head to determine how many classes I had missed… as if counting the number of missed classes was that difficult.

After determining that I’ve missed two/three classes out of a total of eight, I panicked about not finishing my graduation requirements on time. I was also panicking a lot about my English class as I was terrified of the professor. I then exited the swimming pool into a large white courtyard and ran across to the classroom. I successfully snuck into my class, which was located on the second floor of my high school library.

What my high school looks like. More things occurred in this area, including running away more. I just can’t remember what.

I then woke up to a phone call. I fell asleep a couple minutes afterward and the dream actually continued.

I was now in a large river infiltrating an abandoned prison just off the coastline. I was looking for some valuable treasure, in the meantime avoiding the troopers chasing me. After I entered, two female treasure hunters also went in looking for the same thing. I remember one of them was an extremely attractive Taiwanese girl and I wanted to get with her.

Imagine this scene, with a small prison complex located a hundred feet on a steep hill right next to the waters.

I suddenly had a flashback of a scenario inside the prison. A security guard approached a man behind bars and attempted to assassinate him with a handgun. The attempt failed: the bullet bounced off the person’s head and he lunged at and killed the guard.

After I returned to real life [in the dream], several trooper vehicles were approaching the prison; they had discovered me. Their vehicles were shaped like rectangular blue bed mattresses.

I immediately abandoned the two other females and dove out the window, one hundred feet into the water. There was a blue mattress on there as well, and I decided to climb aboard.

Upon touching the vehicle, it turned into a full length pirate ship. Troopers were firing at me from machine gun nests and flanking me from the sides. I took a bunch of rounds to the head, but I was apparently invulnerable to bullets as well. I then grabbed ahold of a mounted minigun and killed several troopers.

Once I climbed onto the boat, I somehow took control of it. Many allies commandeered the ship and we were now defending it from pirates trying to climb aboard. One of the pirates looked like either Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica. He kept trying to get onto the aft of the boat, but I kept pushing him off.

Imagine this guy in a pirate costume.

Eventually, I was distracted by one of his fellow pirates and he was able to climb on board. We then had a duel… using scissors. In the middle of the duel, I was able to get my hands on a tiny knife a couple inches long. Our scissors eventually parried (scissored, to be exact) each other and I started stabbing him with that knife. He retracted his scissor and started stabbing me back.

The same ones used to make crafts in elementary school…

While we were both wounded, he got overconfident and started boasting too much. I used that opportunity to use the scissors to cut his throat. As he stood there bleeding out, his men rushed to his side to prepare for his funeral/death. They changed him into comfortable clothes, tried to stop the bleeding, and gathered around and said their last words to him.

Analysis: WHAT. THE. EFF?

Okay, here goes. I was on the 105 Freeway yesterday and saw Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in the far distance for the very first time. They had a bell tower that reminded me of Berkeley’s Campanile. That might explain why I dreamt about a bell tower.

I watched and finished Battlestar Galactica over eight months ago, so I don’t know why those characters were in my dream. I have no idea what those symbolic statues were, nor their significance.

I’ve had a couple dreams about school/grades now. I’m anxious to see my final grades from Peking University (PKU). I’ve dreamt about suffering in English class several times throughout the years, but I have no idea why as I’ve done well in them.

The professor with the last name K was brought up during my summer at PKU. One of the professors asked if I had taken a class with a Berkeley professor named O’Brien. I replied no, but that I have heard of him. This fictional professor was supposed to be him.

The Taiwanese girls I saw a couple weeks ago were so damn attractive. I have no idea why I dreamt about treasure hunting, blue bed mattresses as vehicles, prisons, or pirate ships. The second half of this dream was completely random and unexplainable.


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