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Dream retention (#21).

I had a nightmare that felt real until I woke up.

I was back in the classroom of my Chinese Foreign Policy class at Peking University. The professor was giving back our final grades, and he said that nobody had to worry except for two people.

“The first person is… Andy Cheng. You got a very low score that you should be concerned about.”

I was in total shock because I thought my final paper was fantastic. I uttered in disbelief, “Me? I got a low grade in the class?!”

The professor handed me my grades and I saw that he had took note of all my absences. The first absence was when I was sick and told him I had to go. He had noted that down and said “Sick… left class to study REALLY?” Biggest hit to my ego having the professor think that I ditched class on purpose. He noted that I left class early on two other occasions.

I never saw an actual letter grade on the report but I was thinking of what it would do to my future. Woke up with my heart pounding super fast and making sure that it was just a dream.

Analysis: My cousin’s college acceptances come out today. 48 minutes ago, in fact. I’m anxious about next year.


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