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HUH? wut?

Me: im allowed to laugh at myself, which i am right now.
Susan: hahahahaahaha i’m not laughing
Susan: oops
Susan: that “hahahahahahahaha” was just my fingers doing reflex
Susan: i’m not really laughing
Susan: stone face disclaimer
Susan: stone as a rock
Me: oh
Me: wait
Me: stoned face, or stone face
Me: because i’ve never heard of the latter before
Susan: well stoned face would be a person baked off their ass
Susan: stone face is… a stoic face
Me: ahhh icicic
Me: well i’m a grass face
Me: not someone that’s smoked grass
Me: but rather, someone who has a long face like a blade of grass.
Me: thin and long and green, u know
Me: and photosynthetic
Susan: HUH?
Me: wut?


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