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Dream retention (#19).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

I was in a grocery store with a couple of friends. Anderson Silva was also in the store and I started following him around. He was giving interviews as he was walking so I gave him space. When he was finally alone, I asked if I could take a picture with him. He gladly said yes and we took two group photos with my friends and and two more unknown persons.

Anderson “The Spider” Silva!

As he was leaving, I told him that I would be a fan always and fist-bumped him. He thanked me in English and took off (seriously best dream ever).

Both pictures turned out blurry, and in one of the pictures, one person raised his hands and blocked Anderson’s face. I was really upset because I would never get to take a photo with him ever again. I also wanted to show off to all my friends that I had a photo with him, but the pictures didn’t turn out as expected.

I was suddenly on one side of a large river. The currents were fairly weak, even though it led to a huge waterfall. I saw a former professor of mine swimming from the opposite side towards me. I called out to him by his first name; he beckoned me to call him in a more professional, respectful manner. I then jumped in the river and started swimming to the other side. Mid way through, I realized that I was swimming through my middle school’s basketball court that had been flooded.

Not long thereafter, I was suddenly under an abandoned freeway overpass. A friendly was with me. We needed to hunt for some food. I looked at a chalkboard that said “your max carrying capacity is at 41%” so I needed to drop some firewood and flint that I was carrying to allow for more agility. I picked up a weak rifle and went into the meadows.

Kinda like this, but less destroyed and more orange/brownish in color.

A couple trees were scattered here and there around the meadows. The friendly and I saw squirrels running up tree trunks and around branches. He fired at them to no avail. in the meantime, I saw a possum and a raccoon standing next to each other in the open meadow. They were mine.

I sneaked up on them until I saw ~25 feet away. I loaded a steel ball into the firing chamber and cocked it back. I analyzed the situation and felt that a raccoon was more of a delicacy than a possum, so I aimed for it instead. I fired.

The meadow looked EXACTLY like this.

Because the rifle was cheap and weak, the bullet slowly hit the raccoon in the chest and it started laughing. I reloaded and tried to aim higher for the head. I didn’t point the rifle high enough and the bullet hit the raccoon in the chest again – it just shrugged it off.

At that moment, a kid approached us with the intentions of scaring the two animals away. I kept yelling at him not to do so, as it was my food source for the day. He did anyway, and the animals ran away. I was so angry that I used the butt of my rifle and hit him not-too-hard on the back.

His father saw the act from nearby beach chair and yelled at me. I was ready to fight him, assumed he would be an overweight, out-of-shape hillbilly, and approached him and his wife. He turned out to be my Peking University program director.

I explained to the director why I needed to kill the raccoon and he started speaking philosophically. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it changed my worldviews and caused me to question my motives. I think I also teared up. His wife also appeared out of nowhere a couple times and said random things.

And that’s all I remember.

Analysis: Anderson Silva is one of my favorite MMA athletes. Yesterday I ate dinner with a bunch of people from my Chinese class and other Singaporean students. Afterward, we took a couple group photos that had to be retaken due to blurriness.

My former professor is going to write a letter of recommendation for me, but I have no idea why I dreamt of him swimming across a river.

The scene of the freeway underpass is similar to the ambiance of post-apocalyptic movies/video games like ‘The Book of Eli’ or ‘Fallout.’ Random, but far from unfamiliar. The “max carrying capacity” helps explain RPG games where you can only carry a limited amount of items.

I’ve had an itching desire to go squirrel hunting as my neighborhood has a squirrel infestation that eats up the fruits that we grow in our backyard. The raccoon is random. Before I slept last night, I watched FPSRussia’s new YouTube video where he showcased a sniper rifle.

I wrote an e-mail to my director last night. The scene where he and his wife were talking to me reminds me of talking to the Captain at his home.


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