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Dream retention (#18).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

This dream is very blurry and details are fading as we speak, but here goes.

I think I was in Peking University’s campus. I think I was inside a hallway hanging out with Kobe Bryant. I was particularly excited about getting his autograph, but he was really angry and went on a rant.

He started talking about himself and how everyone expects that they’re born with natural talent. The truth is, he said, they sacrifice so much from childhood and that, because they were poor, their dreams were limited to become rappers, actors, or sports players.

As he was speaking, I saw a flashback of a double door poured open with many black kids running out onto a basketball court to practice.

Kobe then angrily shoved his way out of many fans and left the building.

Analysis: I remember analyzing the dream as I was dreaming it, so it makes a lot of sense to me despite so little details being recalled. Two portions of this dream is due to this past weekend’s UFC 148, while the last part is due to a computer game.

Kobe somehow entered my dream as a replica of Anderson Silva. Silva is bored of MMA as he has dominated the sport for so many years. He’s bored of signing autographs and getting so much publicity which is why he pretends not to understand and speak English.

The rant that Kobe gave was a replica of Tito Ortiz’ retirement speech that he obviously memorized for the press. Most people agree that Tito is full of himself; Kobe was full of himself as he ranted.

I dreamed about the two doors being propped open was due to watching a gameplay trailer of Max Payne 3, where jumping out of double-doors into a fire fight is common.


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