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Those four puffs.

Those four puffs brought a sensation of relaxation and euphoria. Which soon resulted into a guilty conscience.

Those four puffs stopped the four year suspension of the habit that never started. That moved the number past ten. And brought along a subconscious fear of a twelfth. And into the teens. And past the teens.

Those four puffs challenged a code of discipline that has been followed for a number of years. That alluded to an extreme mentality that is occasionally bestowed upon.

Those four puffs were met with criticism from witnesses who opposed the act. It invited a fellow to engage in a first puff in over two years. And invited one virgin lung.

Those four puffs were attributed to a friend in need. Yet that sentiment did not stand alone, nor idly.

Those four puffs were professed onto a caring parent. And to two best friends. Which resulted in a negative response from one. And a confession from the other.

Those four puffs instigated a series of contemplation and interpretation. That gave birth to a series of questions without clear answers. That dove into the inner aspects of the self. That challenged one’s priors.

Those four puffs entered the atmosphere dime days ago. Recurring themes have existed for the same length of time. A testament to one.

Those four puffs will be the last. As long as last lasts.


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