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The human-oceanic metaphor.

Susan and I went to the tide pools yesterday. While gazing at the ocean, she suddenly had a revelation and didn’t hesitate to spill it over. The ocean, she said, is like a metaphor for different types of people.

She first pointed out to the tide pools in front of us. In these shallow waters, everything is transparent. There isn’t much substance and everything is, simply put, visible. There isn’t much to see.

As one looks further into the waters, things become less visible. The waters have here have more depth. These waters have a lot more substance, but are harder to reach; waves constantly push you back, and going into the depths of the ocean floor requires a lot more effort. Therefore, these waters are more difficult to understand.

However, all that extra effort yields incomparable results. The experience is a much more rewarding and more meaningful one.

She could explain it to you better than I can, but hopefully I’ve successfully resonated her message.


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