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Quintuple down.

A couple months ago, I became re-eligible to donate blood. Since my regular location had been Fullerton’s American Red Cross, I waited to fly back home to donate here instead.

Today’s experience was interesting. My nurse was the most talkative I’ve had, and she made comments about the computer’s failed log-in system. She asked where I was from I’m from and pleasant small talk ensued. She then had trouble inserting the needle into the vein. After five failed pokes, she asked for another nurse for assistance. The man donating blood next to me found this amusing.

The other nurse got the vein in one go and there goes five donations. And… maybe some bruising from all the stabs!

Sitting at the “recovery” table afterward, I struck up a conversation with the man who had donated blood next to me. His name was Ron, and he had donated blood for the past 30 years. He has two kids, and one of them graduated from UCLA this past Winter quarter while the other was a UCI alumni. I told him that I was coincidentally visiting UCLA and UCI on Thursday and Friday, respectively. I told him about my current plans for grad school and the summer. He was a friendly guy and I was disappointed that our conversation didn’t last longer. Our conversation felt like ones I’ve had before on plane rides – a great and fun way of meeting people.

I’ll be donating again right before school starts. Five donations down. At least 95 more to go in my lifetime. Let’s do it.


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