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Dream retention (#15).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

This is the first time in a couple weeks that I remember more than one dream!

I was in an arcade/pool hall and was able to shoot some pool with a friend. A group of  first year college students brought in catered Chinese food and started eating and partying next to us. The guys wore dress shirts and slacks while the girls wore dresses. They put everything on an adjacent pool table and also brought out cards to play poker. They asked if my friend and I wanted to join them.

Looked like this, but more Vegas-y.

One of the girls yelled very loudly; the rules of the building stated that the noise level has to be kept within the group. As I turned to look at the manager, another first year student went to report us. He had a crush on the girl who yelled or something, and because she wasn’t interested,  he wanted to ruin the fun. The Asian manager approached us.

I stepped up and defended the group. I kept the conversation lighthearted, and I was also speaking Mandarin – I mentioned on the side that it was a good opportunity for me to practice. I apologized on behalf of the group and told him that it was a one time mistake that wouldn’t be repeated. He let us go.

Even through the ordeal, my efforts went to waste as the group lost interest in staying in the pool hall area. They left the food and trotted off. My friend and I resumed playing pool. On the break, he shot the cue ball into a pocket and immediately lost, so we set up the balls once again. During this time, we started eating the food that the party had left. The party came back later, but that’s where my dream ended.

I next appeared in a prison facility in the desert. I was either infiltrating the place as a spy, or trying to escape as a prisoner. Either way, I was in the courtyard trying to get to the control tower overseeing the prison. I inched closer by waypointing behind steel crates, lumber, and all sorts of stationary objects. A gunman eventually noticed me from across the courtyard and opened fire – this alerted the rest of the guards who were equipped with rocket launchers and miniguns.

The prison facility looked like this, except with unpaved dirt.

Either way, I was able to dodge and hide from the heat. I eventually reached the control room which contained three aerial Segways. I jumped on one and drove it through the glass window. The gunmen focused their fire on me but I increased my elevation and avoided the bullets. I got out of the prison, but not before three girls on their own aerial Segways spotted and followed me.

I couldn’t outrun them. They stayed within a few feet behind me but they remained harmless. I tried increasing my speed but didn’t know how – the Segway had slowed down considerably. My intuition told me that they were working for the prison and were only trying to manipulate me; I had to get rid of them.

There was one occasion where I almost succeeded in doing so. The three were constantly talking to one another and I slipped from behind them and drove backwards. Because my speed was so low, they eventually noticed I was missing and backtracked towards me.

The village looked similar to this, although less trashy.

My intuition told me that I desperately needed water (after all, I was in the desert) and needed to refuel my ride. I pulled into a small village of gas stations and fast food restaurants and entered a gas station convenient store. The girls followed me into the village and waited outside. I looked for an opportunity to tell the clerk to call the police. In the meantime, I was shopping for the best valued water. Many of the bottles were half empty, and cold bottles of water were much more expensive. One of the brand names had JustKiddingFilms labeled on it. When the opportunity finally presented itself, I hurriedly told the clerk that I was being threatened; he said that he would call the police but that it would take 20 minutes for them to arrive. I didn’t have that time to spare.

I then slipped out of the store and walked towards a fast-food restaurant where I noticed a lot of Asian people loitering outside. As I got nearer, I realized that they were old high school friends – some of them were former gang affiliates and formerly/currently served in the military. After a swift reunion, I sought help from them.

They laughed at me and said they didn’t know me well enough to sacrifice for me. The three girls spotted me and made their approach during this time. The dream anticlimactically ends.

Analysis: The person that I played pool with is from the 3rd floor of my building; we often see each other in passing. The catered food was wrapped in aluminum foil and reminds me of Cal Hawaii’s dinner buffet. I went to a pool hall last week. I was telling my roommate that I couldn’t wait to play poker in our apartment next year. My intervention with the manager reminds me of my confrontation with the homeless people and deliverymen. I’ve been wanting to practice my Mandarin in preparation for my China trip this summer.

The prison resembles a facility from the game Mass Effect 3 which I played earlier in the semester. My friends and I were discussing our love for firearms last night. I was looking at some photos yesterday and came across my Angel Island Segway tour from last semester. A few friends and I shared a conversation last night about how manipulative and deceitful women can be. The desert scene looks like a scene from Borderlands; I read the Wikipedia page of Borderlands 2 yesterday.

The JustKiddingFilms allusion was random, but I’m subscribed and watch all of their videos on YouTube. The high school friends I ran into are all a year older than I am  and were known to be tough and not to be trifled with.


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