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Dream retention (#14).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

I was an Allied American soldier in World War 2. I was establishing a beachhead on a beach. There were three or so other soldiers with me lying prone waiting for the Germans to invade France from the sea. The problem is, that is historically backwards of what actually happened: the Allies invaded the German front.

Imagine this, plus sandbags everywhere.

I realized this the same time as the entrenched German soldiers. They immediately killed all most of comrades while I lay there pretending to be German. They then shouted for every remaining soldier to identify themselves, in which 5-7 remaining Allied soldiers surrendered.  Despite wearing an Allied uniform, they seemed to think I was one of them.

We then appeared in an industrial facility where the prisoners were to be executed by a death squad two at a time. Two of my comrades (one male, one female) had their hands bound and were lead up to a stage. The male gave a last speech that discussed how humans are ultimately at peace with each other, or something like that. They were then given a last wish, and the starving couple chose to eat some food. I saw some croissants and pork buns sitting on a table so I grabbed them and hand-fed them. The man was so hungry that he ate a greater portion than the woman. He also almost bit my hand off as he chewed exceptionally fast. I returned to the table two additional times to give them more food.

The Germans grew impatient and asked us to wrap it up. I really didn’t want to watch my comrades die, so I tried my best to alter the dream. A giant Allied police yacht (fictional) floated by. Then, instead of executing the prisoners by death squad, the Germans surprisingly switched the kill method. Their hands were tied above their head to chained metal links that would electrocute them.

They turned on the kill switch and images appeared in my head as Germans throughout the facility were electrocuted to death. Someone had rigged the switch. As chaos ensued, the prisoners and I ran off. As we entered a staircase, we saw some dead soldiers with their torsos slashed apart. I turned the corner to see a robotic alien aiming laser beams at me. We ran out of the staircase to find another exit.

The robotic alien may have looked something like this.

We then entered a theme park with a bike stand at the entrance. Everyone hopped on a bike and rode towards a long escalator. I couldn’t keep up; my quadriceps were very tired and I couldn’t pedal fast even when standing up. I hated this dream, and I woke myself up.

Analysis: While working on a final project with some friends yesterday, a lot of racist jokes were passed around between our respective ethnicities. None of us were German though…

I think I was starving while dreaming; I woke up very hungry. Perhaps I was looking at the prisoners’ last wishes as my own. The fictional giant police yacht (it was huge) makes no sense to me. I only saw it through the window panes of the walls of the facility.

I was trying very hard to keep my comrades alive, but I really thought they were going to be shot. I was also afraid for my own life which was why I didn’t surrender. Even in dreams, I fear death. The robotic aliens remind me of Battlestar Galactica cylons.

The theme park reminded me of Universal Studios with the long escalators to the lower level. My burning quadriceps felt the same as when we had dance practice every day for Cal Hawaii two weeks before the performance.


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