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“I stand on the shoulders of giants.”

I love perspectives.

I was recently taught the quote “I stand on the shoulders of giants” by Isaac Newton. It means that, as an individual, you develop further intellect by being influenced from wise folks (often older).

Here are some perspectives I’ve picked up from others. All have had an influence on me.

“Think of it as a drag race. You’re at the starting line with a powerful motor. 500 horse power. The light turns green and you shift gears and floor it. But all that happens is a burnout. Your rear tires are rotating in place and you aren’t moving at all. You try all that you can, but in the end your engine blows and your car breaks down. No matter how hard you try, sometimes things just don’t work out.”

“If you’re not using [it] to escape from the stress, but merely to gain perspective from it… to see your life and the things that are on your mind from an altered perspective, then I wouldn’t consider it a bad thing. People need drugs on occasion to alter their perceptions because life is so much bigger than we are. It’s very difficult from a sober, normal perspective to really take in all of the implications of this crazy huge world. Using drugs can be a tool to explore yourself and your place in reality.”

“Half of every person is what you want them to be.”
I can’t accurately recall the details, so here’s my interpretation. You have hopes and expectations of people. While not knowing if it’s true or not, it gives you feelings of hope (but also anxiety) that they actually are the image you want them to be. Therefore, half of every person is a self-created, idealized vision of them. Even after developing a close relationship, that vision still exists on a smaller scale.


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