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Getting the A.

You studied really hard for a test. You worked your ass off and did everything you could to memorize, recite, analyze, and whatever else the material. You’re well-prepared for the test. You feel confident going into the exam.

You take the test.

You get that test back.

You got a C.

You’re upset and frustrated. You’re angry. You’re in denial. You’re sad and disappointed. You ask yourself how you messed up so badly. You thought you had done everything to do well on the test.

What happens next?

You’re not going to say “f this!” and never study ever again. You’re not going to stop working hard to get a good grade. You’re not going to simply give up.

What you will do is to study even harder for the next test. To be even more prepared, this time with the memory of previous exams in mind to help you out. You’re going to work your ass off even harder. You’re going to be even more well prepared for the test.

And you know what?

You’re going to get a better grade. You’re going to get that A.


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