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The much-needed SoCal escapade.

At the start of Spring break, I suddenly felt homesick and yearned to get away from Berkeley for a few days. At first, I had planned a ski trip to the Tahoe area for three days, but things became difficult with snow chains, driving logistics, and cabin/hotel bookings. I then bought a plane ticket back home for Thursday-Monday, but immediately canceled when Rosemary spontaneously decided to come down with me.

We planned our trip from Sunday-Thursday and took a bus filled with Asians (literally dubbed the “Vietnamese Bus” – Google it) from Oakland to Westminster. We arrived at 3:30pm and my sister and Bobby took us home.

For the next few days, I rendezvoused with many old-time friends. We had fish tacos at Irlanda’s casa, food and drinks at Yardhouse and TGI Fridays, and late night boba at Rowland Height’s Half n’ Half.

Then comes the stereotypical SoCal stuff that I am proudly embrace.

We went to the shooting range, and I was impressed with Rosemary’s trigger finger.

Pretty damn good for a first shot.

We also went sailing around the Long Beach harbor. I took several other friends and we cruised around for a few hours. The captain loves to embarrass me, so he gave me full control of the boat (once again) and laughed as I struggled. We didn’t use the motor that day and instead released the head sail and used the tacking method.

This is tacking, where you sail in a zig-zag to advance because going straight against the wind isn’t possible.

Here I am struggling to keep us afloat with Justin controlling the boom.

We went to Venice Beach afterward and walked the boardwalk until Christina realized she left her car keys back in the boat. We drove to the captain’s house, got the keys, retrieved hers, and dropped off the boat keys once again.

The next day, Rosemary and I ate in the Newport Beach district before going tandem biking down Balboa. For the first half of the trip, I took the reigns and steered the bike. She took over on the way back and could barely walk afterward. According to her, her quadriceps almost burst out of her jeans.

We then went to Disneyland and continued the trend of binge eating for the week. We rode on several attractions and watched a couple shows.

I really must not know how the game works because I’ve never done well before.

Our first time seeing World of Color.

Then came Thursday, and we departed Westminster at 9:45am. Eight hours later, we were back in Oakland – and subsequently Berkeley. The escape was necessary, and now we’re back to school life.


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