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Dream retention (#12).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

I had a dream where I was at the end of a riverbed opening up to the ocean. The river itself was small, but the current was strong. I witnessed seven giant goldfish swallowing a ton of smaller goldfish while keeping the remainder in their mouth; they then swam up the river against the current. I assumed that the baby goldfish were too weak to swim up by themselves, which explained the larger goldfish’ actions. In the meantime, there were these white, barracuda-like fish that were also swimming up the river. Three people were knee deep int he water trying to catch them while knowing it was illegal.

I then had another dream where I received some paperwork stating that I got caught cheating on an exam. It was a calculus exam with two portions, and I looked at my test. I got zeros on the essay portion of it. An essay portion in a calculus exam… and I haven’t taken calculus in five years.

Lastly, I was in the middle of the ocean witnessing a government official who was a black lady get assassinated by a Rastafarian guy. The official was testing out a missile and, against orders from her superior officers, went outside the office. Her office was situated in the ocean, just above the water like an oil rig. She got her head blown off by a sniper round and dropped the suitcase and also a piece of chalk into the ocean. The assassin and two accomplices dressed in Navy Seal black took the evidence away and dove underwater to clear the ocean floor of potential remnants. They dove back up and mentioned that the chalk was blue, that the ocean water is blue, and therefore it’s pointless to retrieve it as it’s unspottable. As I witnessed this, I concluded that they were wrong; the chalk was white and appeared blue due to ocean water exposure. Then the dream ended.

Very random dreams tonight, but some explainable with analysis:

I have no idea why I dreamed about fish, but I contacted the captain to go sailing  last night. There was a calculus (Math 16B) midterm that people I knew took a few days ago. I also told my friends that I’ve never cheated in college due to fears of the consequences of getting caught. The sections that I received zeros in resembled the Public Budgeting midterm that was returned to me earlier thisweek; I didn’t get zeros though.

The ocean, once again, may be attributed to my excitement of sailing. As I sat on Sproul Plaza earlier this week, a black male in a Swahili dress was playing with a remote control car and chasing students with it. The Rastafarian assassin was wearing the same outfit. No idea about the rest.


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