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Dream retention (#10).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

I don’t remember in which order I had these dreams, so they will be told randomly.

I was skiing in Mammoth with ice skates. There was a guy in a suit whom I was trying to impress, and my sister was at the bottom of the slope. The mountain was enormous, but I was able to run back up within seconds to ski back down on multiple occasions. The slopes contained just enough slow to cover the dirt.

I was on the exit of the 91 Freeway off Euclid. There was a car accident on the off-ramp and it was causing a delay of a 5-car convoy that looked like an old fashioned trolley. It was my duty to clear the roads by solving a math/economics riddle (which would magically clear the mess), and my economics professor was in my mind the whole time. I wasn’t able to retain the information and was severely disappointed in myself, but nevertheless, the convoy moved onto the freeway.

I entered a home and was greeted by Jamie Lo. He had showered everyone with gifts and I jokingly (out of jealousy) said, “Where’s my present, b*tch?” To my surprise, he gave me a package. While everyone moved into the backyard to socialize and boast their new gifts, I opened up my own indoors. It was a futuristic watch that was shaped like an egg. The egg itself was black, and the wrist band was metal/rubber and with a red tint. When I pressed the middle button though, the entire watch turned green. It also glowed green in the dark. I didn’t know how to set the time so I took out the instruction sheet. Everyone grew impatient with my hiatus and summoned me outside. When I walked through the back door, Irlanda Martinez, Laura Fornaseri, and other people sat at a round table and I gave each of them a hug.

I conducted some type of warfare in a large sewage tubes. I think we were in a skyscraper, but this is probably unrelated to my other dream: I was on the top floor of a skyscraper conducting warfare in office buildings and hospital-like hallways.

I had a dream that even though my Starcraft II record right now is 113 wins with 5 losses, I logged into my account and saw that it had become 70 wins with 30 losses.

Analysis: I wanted to go skiing during winter break but it never happened. I’ve never been to Mammoth and have been encouraged to go, but heard that there is not enough snow at the moment.

I’ve had dreams/nightmares about my economics course before; I was at the exact amount of points needed to pass the class with an A.

The Starcraft II record speaks for itself.


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