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Dream retention (#9).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

I don’t know why, but I was thrown in jail along with five other people. Amongst them were Jackie Chan, my sister, and Jonathan Park. Even though the room looked to be made of concrete, the windows and vents were made of wooden bars. Jackie Chan was able to break/pry them out and he did some parkour thing and jumped through one of the vents. He signaled that it was safe for us to pass.

My sister and I jumped into the vents and now we were crawling through the prison complex. Except the vents were uncovered on the top so we could literally peek our heads up and peer through the entire complex. We saw the prison warden (or someone) sitting in an office chair with at least 50 guard dogs patrolling the floor. My sister and I stood very still and watched as a prisoner attempted to escape on the ground floor. He was only 10 feet behind the warden. A dog sitting by the warden spotted him and just stared while he exited behind the corner of a room. I let out of a sigh of relief seeing that the dogs weren’t trained well.

Jonathan finally jumped through the vent and yelled “I did it guys!” amongst other unwise things… which alerted the dogs and the warden (you were an idiot in my dream). All the dogs and the warden went berserk. Cindy and I slid down the vent like a slide onto the ground floor and slipped into the nearest room. While in the dark red-painted room, we decided to ambush the guard that was tailing us. I climbed on top of a red/black shelf right by the door, while Cindy slipped into the closet on the opposite end. When the guard came in, I jumped on top of his shoulders (my plan was to crush him, which didn’t work) while my sister opened the closet and hit him with a broomstick. Then I broke his neck.

While in the room, I did some exploring and came across a flight of stairs. I was curious to see what was up there and heard a couple having sex. At that moment I instinctively knew the person was a high ranking official within the prison system. I ran back down to tell Cindy to run out of the room but three more guards were approaching. I then grabbed a large, thick stick and ran back up the stairs. The couple heard the noise or something and we met half way in the stairs. He was Chris Ng. I hit him three times moderately hard on the top and sides of the head and left his girl alone. I then lectured to him that I wouldn’t kill him but that he was to leave me alone (or something). As I walked down the stairs, he said that he would find me and kill me.

Cindy and I then handled the three guards and ran back out the door. Except the scenario had changed. We were now in a large wide hallway that looks like an airport terminal. And my dream ended there.

Analysis: I don’t know about being in jail. Hours before I slept, Rosemary had shown me pictures of the school she built in Ghana and the wooden boards and bars that she had made; that probably explains the wooden bars in jail. No idea what John and Jackie Chan were doing in my dream. No clue about the vents.

The warden and the dogs reminded me of the movie Up. The room where Cindy and I attacked and killed the guards and Chris looked to be the luxurious room of Jump Chambers in the movie Cradle 2 the Grave. No idea why Chris was in my dream. No idea why our props were sticks and broomsticks. I fly back up to Berkeley in two days which may explain the airport terminal.

Guard dogs from Up.

Room in Cradle 2 the Grave.


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