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Dream retention (#8).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

I had a really long, sequential dream. Susan asked if I wanted to go watch a movie with her. During that time, I was on a college campus that resembled Fullerton College, except it looked more like UCLA. The movie theater was at the Anaheim Dodger’s Stadium, and she had called while she was at the barbershop getting a haircut. I told Rosemary where I was headed and continued texting her throughout the entire dream.

I finished walking around the campus and asked for directions to get to the theater. The directions didn’t make sense, which was to take the 91N and the 24W. For those of you who don’t know California highways, the 91 is a state freeway in LA/OC/Riverside County and goes East-West. Highway 24, on the other hand, is a state freeway in the eastern side of the Bay Area. In my dream, 24W was right after the 5 freeway, and the movie theater was within a block from the exit.

When I exited the freeway, I entered an underground train station and my car no longer existed. I was lost and asked a group of five seated folks for directions. I understood where to go before they finished their sentence and thanked them politely (although I cut them off in the process). On the way up two sets of straight stairs, I saw John sitting on a bench with his hair gelled and combed to one side. He was wearing a flannel and was extremely friendly. We greeted each other momentarily before I headed up to ground level

Up on ground level looked a bit like Olvera Street in Downtown LA. I was overwhelmed by the excitement caused by pedestrians and small stores. Two girls who spoke like valley girls walked past me complaining about a “brand name” restaurant and how they would never pay for $5 tea. I eventually walked around the corner and found the movie theater.

When I entered the movie theater, the host greeted me and thanked me for coming. He was Dana White. He informed me that he had lied to get out of watching the UFC event to be the host of this instead. The movie theater had only one center aisle with 2 seats on each side. It resembled being in the inside of the airplane. At the very front row was Susan who sat towards the audience, her back against the wall and the projector directly above her head and to the right. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was in tears: the barber had cut her hair extremely short with several differing patterns around her scalp. She told me to “shut the **** up,” back off, and leave her alone. I tried consoling her by telling her that she’d look good a week from now but she said she hated it.

The end.

Analysis: Susan asked me to go some place yesterday afternoon but I rejected her proposal. I am visiting UCLA some time this week. Rosemary and I text every day. She also asked me about going to the movie theaters soon.

The confusion of the freeway system may be due to how different NorCal and SoCal people give directions. SoCal people say, “Let’s take the 5, then the 55, then the 405.” NorCal people say, “Take 5, then 55, then 405.” They leave “the” out of their sentences.

The five seated folks looked and dressed very similar to homeless people with their pet dogs in Berkeley. Cutting them off may be to my guilt of being impatient with my grandma. I had randomly thought about John last night, probably due to his younger brother visiting me a couple days ago. The downtown LA area looked a bit like Grand Theft Auto 4, but there’s no other correlation I can think of. Rosemary had gotten tea with friends yesterday, and I might have thought of Veronese Cafe in Fullerton.

I was in Vegas last week, and UFC events (Dana White is the president of the organization) are often hosted in the MGM Grand Garden Arena. I fly back to Berkeley in five days, so the airplane set up in the movie theater may be related. I’ve been thinking about my ever growing hair and how it will be cut in about a week, and I must have projected it onto Susan. The patterns on her head may be due to Rosemary telling me about cutting her friend’s hair and drawing a heart shaped pattern in the back of his head.


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