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The push factor.

Members of the opposite sex have an incredibly push factor. Many attributes of who I am today is due to casual mechanisms initiated by them in the past. For instance, the origins of Andycology was due to one of them. The birth of a revitalized workout routine and diet was due to another. In fact, Urbandictionary calculated that even the root of all evil is due to them.

Girls = Time  Money

Time = Money


Girls = Money x Money = Money²


Money = ‘The Root of All Evil’


girls = (√Evil)²


Girls = Evil

But without evil, there exists no good. It was through those… strange “specimens” from Venus that I’ve learned many things, especially of myself. My passion for writing doubled as a result from my blog; my appreciation and respect for others and myself became reinforced through previous experiences; I reached many goals through the passive support of them. Case in point, the subject matter I will now discuss is quite optimistic.

‘Tis the start of a new year. With the passage of 2012 comes New Years resolutions. I haven’t been fond of making them in the past. If I possess enough determination, I feel that most things can be accomplished without the incentive of a symbolic time or date. But you see, that’s when a Venetian has come in to challenge my priors and interrupt my idealistic ways. The push factor is strong in them…

New Years Day was yesterday and I made a pact. Rather, I made a few and I intend to keep my word on all of them. A couple of them are more casual, while the others require much more commitment. I will talk about one of them.

Two days ago, I never would have imagined participating in a triathlon. One day ago, I was introduced to the prospects of competing in a mini one. 18 hours ago, I registered and confirmed a spot on March 25th, 2012. A spontaneous act propagated by a Venetian… I now have more of an incentive to exercise and train for an upcoming goal. Moreover, the lady will be alongside me undergoing the same training regime. Be it blood, sweat or tears, easy or challenging, I’m taking this and the remaining resolutions seriously.

The ones I’ve made this year are different in realms, per se. My past resolutions, albeit not taken very seriously, have been redundant and cliche. I think they have included the reduction/elimination of cursing, ceasing to bite my nails, turning off the lights when I leave the room, and others in the same category of difficulty. Some of the resolutions I’ve proposed this year require cooperative effort; I am very inclined to succeed.

The push factor is strong in them Venetians, and contrary to what Urbandictionary says, this lady is a good one.


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