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Dream retention (#6).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

I was in China with certain members of my family. I was upset that I hadn’t brought my camera with me because we were visiting grand places. In the meantime, my sister was overly enthusiastic about visiting all the various landmarks in China which, conveniently, were all adjacent and within walking distance with respects to one another.

Some of the places we visited included a large black pool with wild dolphins swimming inside. One approached me and was singing while I pet its forehead. Another place resembled three straightened Leaning Tower of Pisas. In another place, we threw brown coaches into a muddy river which floated us to the other side. The couches only partially floated so parts of our limbs were submerged underwater. Alligators infested the swamp, yet they only attacked midget fairies.

Before I knew it, I was situated in a basketball court. Teams were playing basketball and were giving tutorials on how to dunk. I was taken outside the court to observe Kobe playing one on one with another person. It was evening outside, and we were in the center of a Rio De Janeiro village slum. When I went back inside, a game was in progress and I was substituted in.

After a while, everyone suddenly dashed out the door to [I think] get ice cream. I was at the far side of the court and didn’t feel like participating. I collapsed onto the floor and lay there wanting to die in peace. I counted 45 minutes before a janitor arrived to start cleaning the place. I played dead. No paramedics came. I looked up to see him staring at me from a distance, telling me he knew that I wasn’t dead. I then got up, drank some water out of a sports bottle, and helped him set up the vacuum cleaner.

The end.

Analysis: I had promised a YouTube fan that I would record a tutorial on a jump rope move, but I didn’t bring my camera home (it’s been two weeks since he’s asked). My sister is always enthusiastic on family vacations. My aunt was also in the China dream. Only recently has she started text messaging me and I also saw her for Thanksgiving weekend, which explains why she appeared in the dream. Dolphin- and whale-hunting came up in my conversation a few nights ago with my floor mates, which explains the dolphins in the pool. Some time last week, I was YouTubing wildlife videos of lions eating warthogs, hippos fighting each other, etc. That probably explains the alligators in the swamp. The fairies resemble the ones in the movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, which is a horror movie I watched a few months ago. I was watching ESPN highlights with my fellow Alohi’s friends last night, which explains the basketball segment of the dream.


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