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Dream retention (#4).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

I appeared randomly in a dusty, barren, golden field surrounded by lots of poor looking peasants. An enemy solider approached us on a horse to deliver a message: all women must come with him behalf of orders of his boss. Think the opening scene of Braveheart where the bride was kidnapped by the Englishmen.

The people disobeyed, and for some reason reached a compromise to take me instead… apparently I’m attractive enough for his boss. The peasants telepathically told me that I had to kill him. I sat behind him on his horse and killed him.

Suddenly, I was back home. I gave my mom an extremely long hug in the living room and told her how much I missed her. I asked her if she was feeling okay and checked up on her health.

Then, I was in the oceans. Literally. A few friendlies were fighting to keep these evil half-human, half-squid creatures away from the land. The friendlies had eaten something that enabled them to breathe underwater. I had forgotten to do so myself, so I had to frequently swim unto the surface to catch my breath. This recurring theme annoyed me so I changed my dream: I was suddenly able to breathe underwater without gills.

However, the scenario changed. It seemed that we were all of a sudden in a giant aquarium tank. The friendlies disappeared the the squids turned their attention towards me. I kept shouting magical spells at them (including expelliarmus and stupefy, I kid you not) which temporarily held them back. Note that within this dream, I was having a man versus self conflict about how ridiculous this dream had become.

Then I woke up.

Analysis: I truly believe that most dreams are manifestations of the subconscious, and that I could identify why I am dreaming about those specific events. Therefore, I have answers to the vast majority of my dreams. I don’t publicly analyze my dreams, but felt today’s dream is safe to do so (doesn’t reveal important stuff that I reserve to myself).

Many of my recent dreams include being on/in the ocean, and my recent ones include being back home. The dreams with the ocean pertain to my love for sailing and my connection with Captain Graham. He’s flying up to Stanford for the Big Game against us this weekend, and I was supposed to rendezvous with him there.

As with the analysis with my home, that’s pretty self evident. I’m homesick and I miss my mom.


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