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Dream retention (#2).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

I was part of some sort of resistance movement against a government regime. Our headquarters was stationed in a huge abandoned factory. All the paint had peeled off, the iron rusted, the interior all dark and ancient. I don’t remember who, but two people (one may have been me) had to dispose of a body into a trash depot. The two people were spotted by the military, who in turned called in for reinforcements.

Everyone locked themselves inside the facility. We were all ready for a fire fight. The police were trying to break in through both the front and back entrances; I was stationed in the back, panicked, and went into the epicenter. Note that we were fighting on the top floor in long steel balconies. Think of the final scene of Terminator 2, with the red melted steel and the balconies. The police eventually broke in and the fighting ensued. I remember discharging my weapon, but don’t remember killing anyone. We were getting owned. Eventually, a submachine gun was pointed at me (quite dramatically, slow motion and all) and I no longer enjoyed this dream turned into nightmare.

Next thing I knew, I was in the mountains full of snow. Someone pointed at the hillside and screamed “avalanche!” The snow came really fast and buried me. I held my breath as the snow overwhelmed me, which is weird because I’m guessing I perceived it to be like water. While in the dream, I knew that the weight of the snow should have crushed me alive. Anyway, I was pulled out by some people and then skied down the mountain. My skis allowed me to literally fly, and I landed in a forest.

In this forest, I had a new mission with some new friends. I had to find and kill a weird but hella attractive witch. We went through adventures Lord of the Rings style, including inching through sides of cliffs, crossing below waterfalls and ponds. Eventually, we reached this place where I had to push over a small folding draw-bridge. When I got to the other side, the witch came out of nowhere and pushed it back, angrily saying that it wasn’t accessible to the public.

And that’s where my weird dream ended.


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