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Samuel has been incarcerated for an unknown period of time. He was deprived of his own free will and hauled behind bars. He went straight into solitary confinement and had no social interaction with anyone else. The reasons for his abduction are unknown. How long he has remained incarcerated remains unknown.

This went on for many years. In the most recent years, Samuel was temporarily released from his cage to meet the exercise criteria. It became his brief relief from the confinements of his cell. It became a medium to meditate. It brought temporary relief. It reduced anxiety and instead brought relaxation. It brought acceptance and self-actualization.

The reality is, Samuel has been cursed with this presumably lifetime punishment. He was somehow labeled as a predisposed deviant to society and shut away for good. Therefore, Samuel knows that the brief time in sunlight is a limited activity, so he embraces it dearly. It made him feel more alive; feel more acceptance towards his situation.

Eduardo is the warden of the prison and also happens to be the person responsible for Samuel’s apprehension. Eduardo’s prime motives are occasionally unclear; his agenda is dynamic and sporadic. His intention is simple: he fears Samuel and wants him locked away for good.

Strangely, the sight of watching Samuel out of his cage and walking creates a paradox; he second-guesses the consequences of his actions. He wonders if he should give Samuel a chance to exercise his human rights. Eduardo unfortunately is a stubborn man who requires extra persuading. He is flawed. He is overly anxious, fearful, and is a cognitive miser. Eduardo needs reassurance that Samuel presents no immediate threat to the rest of the world.

Help Eduardo realize that.


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