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Dream retention (#1).

I remember a few of my dreams every night. Some of them are rather imaginative, so I want to share the most notable ones.

The dream I had last night started in a giant library with a large dome ceiling. People next to me were laughing about rumors of a dragon ending of the world. As we were laughing at it, I looked up at the sky roof and noticed the shadow of a dragon. A large red dragon then tore through the roof and panic ensued.

Seeing that I noticed the dragon before everyone did, I started to parkour (free running) through the library desks, tables, bookshelves, and people. I was running towards a airport terminal connected to the library. There was a long, single file line waiting to enter the airport section and another parkour guy and I cut through them til we were in the front of the line.

The people waiting in line were pushing to walk through the runway and into a giant airliner. The guard stopped my friends (who magically appeared at the front of the line) and told us that the airliner was full, and those who stepped onto the runway would be left for dead. Because we were next in line, we’d be amongst the first to board the next jet inbound.

One of my friends Justin was sent in his four runner to alert the pilot to bring the jet over. In the meantime, the dragon broke into the back of the airport facility. We didn’t have time to board the train so we fled in a black commercial truck. For unknown reasons, we tipped over on a remote freeway. My subconscious didn’t like where the dream was headed so I changed the setting.

I then appeared in the Pacifico, a 47-foot sailboat that I’ve been on many times. I was with the same friends that I brought aboard months ago. We sailed to Catalina Island within minutes with the captain. Some tanned guy, presumably Filipino, was talking mad crap about the captain’s boat and was trying to climb aboard. I confronted the guy, called him out to a fight. The guy backed down and the captain was impressed.

The dream ended there.


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