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If I Ruled The World…

Imagine that.

This used to be one of my favorite songs by Nas, strictly based on the title itself and segments of lyrics. Upon hearing the introduction of the song, my head always became immersed in imagination. If I ruled the world, what would I do?

First off, I’m very thankful that I don’t rule the world. The entirety of my governing sanctions won’t be revealed on here; some are inappropriate and simply unrealistic. To express simply, I myself would be amongst one of many people to be left for dead.

My rules are obviously biased and catered towards my personal tastes. Much of them are oversimplified as well. Some of them may be interpreted as humorous; others authoritative and invasive. There would be a single international ruling government (me, duh), and it would be very socialized. Much of things are based on functionality. Without further adieu, what the world would be like if I were supreme king.

Note: this is a very incomplete list and depends on how hungry I become while writing. The longer I fight this persisting hunger equates to how many more details and points are written.

Eating habits and diets:

  • Most simple foods would be eliminated based on having no intrinsic value other than taste. Trans fat would be banned. Only healthy cooking oils are allowed. Whole grain foods will not have their wheat germ and nutrients removed, which means no white bread and rice. Healthier substitutes would be imposed upon less healthier foods that remain. Example: non-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.
  • Those who throw away unfinished foods would be fined.

Vehicles and transportation:

  • Cars on the road in populated areas would be equipped with technology that inhibits passing the speed limit, thus reducing speeding and racing to non-inhabited areas. However, the speed limit would be higher than almost every existing ones. Example: Speed limit of 85-95mph on virtually uncontested roads (I-5 Freeway from LA to San Diego, or LA to San Fran).
  • NASCAR would hereby be banned. This is a continuation of the last bullet point, but the waste (remember the subjectivity, folks) of absolutely precious fossil fuel makes this a standalone point. Seriously, driving 200 times in a circle?
  • Private vehicles are still allowed and encouraged for personal lives. Otherwise, simple A to B routes (such as going to school or work) are socialized towards public transportation. Those who are caught tailgating or fail to signal on right turns will personally get a beatdown from me.

The Media:

  • Freedom of the Press would be limited; tabloids and paparazzi are hereby banned. Any topics revolving around libel would not be published, so those whose life revolves around bringing other peoples’ misery are forced to participate in more productive matters of society. Constructive criticism of businesses or governments are still allowed.
  • Television would be severely handicapped. Many aspects of it will be removed, notable commercials and reality shows. The aforementioned only bring discontent and create more “wants” to the general population, which leads to conspicuous consumption and depletes the world’s resources.

Drug use:

  • Marijuana would be legalized. Every hard drug that doesn’t increase the probability of physical violence would be decriminalized. Those who are prosecuted are those who are publicly caught; there will be no war on drugs. Those who use drugs do so on their own discretion, except for…
  • Cigarettes are hereby outlawed. Those who are currently addicted may continue to smoke, although they are constantly monitored and are expected to slowly decrease consumption. Production of cigarettes will be halted indefinitely, thereby preventing new users from starting.
  • All name brand pharmaceuticals are reduced to their generic brand counterparts (refers back to eliminating unnecessary competition).

The market economy:

  • Mass production of goods would be handicapped based on the supply and demand of the general population. Producing for the sake of staying competitive and/or accumulating unnecessary wealth would be removed from the agenda. Point continued below…
  • Material goods would be limited based on needs. The goal is to reach as little wasteful spending/production as possible. Example: not allowed to purchase a phone based on the release of a new “upgraded” product. Replacement is only allowed based on certain dysfunctions in the product.
  • No good is to be entirely replaced unless absolutely imperative. All goods are manufactured to be as open ended and customizable as possible, thereby reducing waste. Example: replacing a car part instead of purchasing a new one.

The environment and nature:

  • Trophy hunting is banned indefinitely. Hunting is limited to killing pests and invasive species (rodents, squirrels, etc.) and for agricultural purposes.
  • Commercial fishing will be monitored more strictly similar to crop rotation. Species with a large reduction in population will be left to repopulate.
  • Products are made to be as environmental friendly as possible to be easily biodegradable or recyclable.

Allocation of government funding:

  • The local and state forces won’t change too drastically, although their agenda is instead set to reinforce the above laws. The international (remember that there is only one government) government will have one army that protects its people from nonhuman species. Confused? Read below…
  • Research funding will be heavily allocated to research two main branches: the in-group and the out-group. The in-group (the human race) research focuses on continuing projects on solving current problems. Examples: ridding certain syndromes and diseases; increasing the efficiency of fossil fuels.
  • The out-group (extraterrestrial) research focuses on the space frontier. No longer are there existing human races competing against one another, labeling punitive differences as “inferior.” The human race is a collective unit seeking wonders past Earth.

There’s gotta be something out there other than just us, Earth.

The hunger’s got me beat. It’s time to eat.

If I ruled the world… imagine that!


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