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As loveable as children, only more hairy.

I was left to watch a friend’s dogs for three days. She was leaving on a family trip and needed someone to care for her two Chihuahua mixes. Being a self-proclaimed dog lover, I happily agreed to do so.

The two dogs, Fox and Penny, needed to be taken out to potty every morning. Afterward, I was to refill their water and food bowl and tidy their area up. In the afternoon and night, I was to take them out to potty again. Simple as that. Play time, walking, and being with them was all up to my own discretion.

Penny on the left, Fox the baby on the right.

I learned a great deal about dogs in these three days. For one, simply playing with them at friends’ homes is NOT the same as caring for them. As a lazy person when it comes to household chores, I felt like I was taking care of two babies. Changing the pee pads was like changing diapers; putting on their leashes was like taking out the carriage; picking up their poop was, well, picking up poop.

As tedious as it was, those were the only less-desired things I had to endure. Fox and Penny love each others company, and having me around made them very lively. They have many toys that they carry around and wrestle with. Fox actually takes a toy out to go potty, every single morning. It’s the cutest thing ever. Otherwise, they’re two indoor dogs that love to play. Penny often sporadically jumped and sat on my lap. When I stopped petting her, she would jump up and lick my face. Bah, both of them were face lickers.

The only complaint I had about the two was my first evening there. I let them sleep wherever they wanted to, and they chose the bed. Fair enough. Except they chose to sit in the middle of the bed. When I laid down on the corner of the wall, both of them snuggled next to me. On me, even. I slept an hour that entire night because I was sandwiched between the wall and two little dogs. Pushing them away proved to be worthless; they would squirm back and hug me. The one hour of sleep was not pleasant.

Before these three days, I was always under the impression that I would get a dog when I had my own place. After this experience, I’m not so sure anymore. It takes a lot of work, I’ve finally realized. Locking them up in the backyard or in a pen isn’t right. Depending on how my life goes, I don’t know if I could spare enough energy to raise a happy, active dog. Nonetheless, count me in for all the walks and dog parks!


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