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Awry planning: a morning full of fail.

I went to sleep the night of Thursday, August 11th, with a plan for the following morning:

Plan #1.

  1. Wake up at 9am and eat breakfast at home.
  2. Go to CVS Pharmacy and pick up a prescription.
  3. Meet at the dance studio at 11am for a performance.

I happened to wake up at 8:20am. Ahead of schedule! I checked my phone and saw three text messages from two people. At 8am, Sandy wrote: “I’m running a little bit late but I’m leaving to the gym now. See you there.” On the other hand, Tam wrote: “I dropped off the keys in your mailbox last night.” At 8:20am, Sandy again wrote: “Haha are you even awake yet?”

Panic. Anxiety. At that moment, it dawned on me that I had made plans to work out and eat breakfast with Sandy. We hadn’t seen each other for the entire summer and I had completely forgotten about this date. I hopped out of bed, took Tam’s keys out of the mailbox, and was out of the house ten minutes later.

Plan #2.

  1. Drive to the gym, fast.
  2. Work out with Sandy.
  3. Eat breakfast at the Subway next door.
  4. Meet at the studio at 11am for the performance.
  5. CVS Pharmacy after.

On the way there, my mind continuously processed Tam’s text message. I was half way to the gym when something else dawned on me. Fear. Stress. More panic. More anxiety. Tam had already left on her family vacation to Sequoia National Park. I was supposed to be dog-sitting for her for three days, starting this morning. There was miscommunication between us, and I was under the impression that I didn’t have to start until the morning of Saturday, August 13th. I had to be at her apartment no later than 10am, for it is tortuous to the two dogs to hold in their potty. I immediately made a phone call.

Plan #3:

  1. Meet with Sandy at the gym.
  2. Eat breakfast with her at the Subway next door.
  3. Take her with me to Long Beach to take care of the dogs (refill food, water, take them out to potty). Catch up with each others lives on the way.
  4. Drop her off at her car back at the gym.
  5. Meet at the studio at 11am for the performance.

When I arrived at the gym, I glanced over at Subway… or what used to be it. The place was empty, the logo was gone. It had gone out of business. Out. Of. Business. Sandy arrived and I bore her the news.

Plan #4:

  1. Drive towards Long Beach.
  2. Find some place to eat and catch up on the way there.
  3. Take care of the dogs.
  4. Drop her off at her car.
  5. Meet at the studio at 11am for the performance.

We stopped at a Subway right next to the 91 Freeway. We started eating in the car. On the freeway, I screamed very loudly. I had left Tam’s keys back at my house. The keys to her apartment. I sped back very quickly, for it was now 9:20am. We finally arrived at the apartment at 10:05am.

After taking care of the dogs, we left the house at 10:35am. I called my boss and told her that I might show up to the studio five minutes late. I went up to 85mph on the freeway… and missed my exit. I dropped Sandy off, ran two left turn lights, and arrived at the studio at 11:08am. The other boss hadn’t arrived yet, so I ended up waiting around for more than five minutes.

With meticulous planning comes equal potential for fail. A morning full of fail, story of my life.


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